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Definition of Homogenizer Homogenizer is generally designed to mix and homogenize of solid particles in a liquid (or two non-solvent liquids) that make a suspension, emulsion or complete solution by dispersing solid particles into the liquid. The mechanical homogenizer consists of a spinning rotor and a stationary stator. This type of homogenizer is also called

Drum flaker

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Definition of Drum flaker Drum flaker is used to transform molten materials to solid or to dry solutions. In fact, the state transformation is done during a solidification or crystallization process. The molten or dissolved feed comes into contact with a rotating drum that is cooled or heated (depending on the operation) by internal fluid.

Chemical Reactors and Storage Tanks

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Definition of Chemical reactors A reactor is a device for carrying out chemical reactions. Materials with specific mole fraction and condition enter the reactor and materials with a new nature are discharged as product. Reactors are used in all industries including chemical reactions. Chemical reactors used on industrial scale require professional and specialized design. The

Spray Dryer

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Definition of spray dryer Spray dryer is one of the common dryers is used by different industries. In this dryer, materials are first dispersed into fine particles and then are dried by hot air. Generally, the materials are sprayed by an atomizer into fine particles. A spray dryer consists of a pump for feed transfer,

Vibrating fluid bed dryer

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Introduction Drying is used in most different processes and solid line productions. This process is often used as a final production step before selling or packaging products. Sometimes, the drying process is used at the beginning of the production process. In these cases, the aim is drying and preparation of feed to enter the production